Thursday, August 11, 2011

So Many Ideas, So Little Computer Memory

I have been spending a lot of time reading other teachers' blogs this summer.  I have found so many amazing ideas that I have been saving to my computer.  Many teachers do post their ideas or freebies on Google Docs.  Since I have a gmail account, I just save it to my Google Docs and I don't use any of my computer's memory.  I'm also not worried about my computer crashing and  losing my information.  Other teachers post their ideas on Scripd or you have to go to their TpT store and download the ideas.  I have found a wonderful way to save all of this information.  It is called Dropbox.  Dropbox saves my things online.  I can also log in and access my items from any computer.  That means I can save things to my Dropbox on my home computer and then print it out at school.  If you use the following link, both you and I get extra space on Dropbox.  

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Denise said...

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Laura Major (Learning Is Child's Play) said...

Sue, I've got a question for you on the Dropbox site :) Do you use it only for the stuff You create? and...can I use it for saving the stuff I find and save from the net? :)
Thanks, Laura

Sue Lattea said...

I use it for both actually. I downloaded it to my computer. When I go to save something, Dropbox is one of the things I can choose to save it to. Or I can save the things to my computer, then go to my Dropbox account and upload the files. It is very handy because I can access the files from any computer. So I can save things on my home computer and then get to them from my Dropbox account when I'm at school.

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