Sunday, July 13, 2014

My First Sunday Smorgasboard

Can you believe it?  I'm joining two linky parties in less than a week.  That's pretty impressive for me.

I'm linking up with Fabulous in First's Sunday Smorgasboard.

First of all, my teenage daughter (aka my social media adviser) has informed me that I am lacking in Instagram followers.  So if you would like to help me and my self esteem (which any of you who has a teenage daughter understands howshe can lower your self esteem with just a tone), please follow A Rainbow of Teaching on Instagram.  I will be very grateful and so will my self esteem.

Next, I found out this week that a teacher friend and I will be presenting at the Illinois ASCD PreK/K Conference in March. I love presenting at the conference.  Last year, I got my picture taken with one of my teacher idols, Deanna Jump.

We presented 60 center ideas in 60 minutes last year.  Here is one of the ideas.

To help my students practice learning each others' names at the beginning of the year, I make play dough mats with each students' pictures and names.  I take a picture of each student on the first or second day of school.  Then I glue the picture to a piece of cardstock.  I print out bubble letters of each student's name and glue it under the picture of the student.  The students make long play dough snakes and use them to make each letter in a student's name.

Thank you for "listening" to my random thoughts.  Have a great week!


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