Sunday, September 8, 2013

WHEW!!! I Made It!!!

So, I have been planning on blogging since the end of August.  Unfortunately, time got away from me.  I found out that instead of teaching just kindergarten, I am teaching kindergarten/first grade.  Also, my oldest left for college Labor Day weekend.  Who knew it took so long to get one kid ready for college?  (Not to mention, that it would cost so much.)

I know I'm a little late.  But I would love to share some pictures of my classroom from the beginning of the year with you.

Here we go!

This is my calendar wall.  It also has my Phonics Dance cards above the bulletin board.  My aide is always so depressed to see me put the #1 on the Days In School chart.  Ha Ha  She makes me laugh.

Here are our cubbies labeled with binder clips and circle cut outs that I found on clearance at Michael's.  (Did you know that if you present your teacher id at Michael's you get 15% off?)

The wall with our birthdays on it.

My school has a theme each quarter.  Each teacher has to decorate the bulletin board outside her classroom to go along with the theme.  The theme this quarter is Where Is Waldo?  This is my bulletin board.  Can you find Waldo?  Can you identify the other book characters?

This is my favorite wall in my whole room.  My aide used the patterns from The Kinder-Craze blog to make the letters for the wall.  Since I'm a K/1 classroom this year, my kinders are going to bring in pictures to glue to each letter and I'm going to use the letters for my word wall for both the 1st graders and the kindergartners.  Click {here} to visit the blog to get the patterns for free.

I hope you enjoyed this little tour of my classroom.  Hopefully, once my life settles down a little, I will be blogging more.

See you soon,


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