Friday, March 13, 2015

Five for Friday in March

Happy Friday!!!

I have linked up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for the Five for Friday Weekly Linky Party.

I returned to school from the IL ASCD PreK - Kindergarten Conference inspired and ready to teach.

I haven't used my making word folders in awhile.  I pulled them out this week and my kinders love using them.  I had them make words that were in the phonics reader I was having them read that day.  Click here to find the freebie to make these in my store.

This is one of my little ones amazing me with his decomposing skills in math.  I have to give each one of my students a pretest to see if he/she knows the next objective I'm going to be teaching.  This little guy already knew how to decompose numbers before I even formally taught it.  I love moments like this.

This is a cheating picture and is really from last week.  It is so cute, that I could resist sharing it.  My students dressed up like that silly cat last week to celebrate Right to Read Week. They were so adorable, that I couldn't resist sharing this picture.

Today was our annual Spring Fling Dance.  For the little guys, the dance takes place during the morning.  It was a western theme, so I had my little ones make "cowboy hats".  I used this freebie for a cowboy hat pattern.  Click here to find the product on TpT.  They were adorable!!!!

Last, but not least, what does any teacher spend her Friday night doing??  Cutting out lamination of course.  I bought a very cool CD full of great center ideas from Greg at The Kindergarten Smorgasboard at the conference.  So of course I need them for next week.

Bye for now.  I'm off to find some scissors.  

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