Friday, February 22, 2013

It is Friday and it is a Snow Day!

Happy Snow Day!

It is a snow day in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan!  I swear I didn't become a teacher because of snow days.  But I love feeling like a kid on snow mornings, watching the television to see if my school goes across before I get a phone call from our phone tree.  Usually, I see the name of our school scroll across before my phone call.  We have a very chatty close knit group of teachers, so sometimes we chat a little before calling the next person.  This is our second snow day this winter.

Since I have a little extra time today, I decided to create a freebie and link up with Teaching Blog Addicts Freebie Friday.

Freebie Fridays

I created a strip booklet that uses color words, and the sight words here and is.  I don't know about your school, but at my school we have a copy count each month, so I create strip books for the students to read.  The booklet don't use as much paper, but my students are still able to get reading practice.  This one is about socks.  I am going to use it next week when we do our Dr. Seuss theme.  It goes with the "Fox in Socks" book.  Just click below to get the freebie.

Click {here} to download the freebie from Google Drive.

Thank you for stopping by on this snowy day!


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Love this! Thanks for sharing!

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