Friday, August 3, 2012

What To Do With ALL Those Tiny Erasers?

If you are like me, you have difficulty not buying those packages of tiny erasers in the Dollar Spot at Target or the ones that are only 88 cents at Walmart.  I admit that I have a ton in my classroom.  And (shhh... don't tell my husband) I bought more of the ones at Walmart.  The ones for back to school are soooooo cute.  Who can resist?  And they were only 88 cents.

Here is a picture of the ones from Walmart and some of the ocean ones I have.

So to make me feel a little less guilty about buying something that maybe I didn't really need.  I made an activity to go with the erasers.  It is a paper for the students to sort the erasers on and write how many he/she has of each eraser.  To differentiate, you could have some of the students color in the circle of the largest number or the smallest number.  You could also laminate this worksheet and have the students write the numbers using dry eraser marker.  

I have made this a freebie for those of you who felt the "pull" from those cute little erasers and bought them.

Click {here} to get this freebie.

I have also linked up with Teaching Blog Addict's Freebie Friday.  Make sure you visit them and grab some other freebies.

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The Meek Moose said...

I love those erasers too! My guilty pleasure are the ones from Target though with the removable pieces and the ones that look like food. And I hate giving them away! They are mine Mine MINE! Sad, isn't it?

I use them as counters in my classroom. And they also work out really well as a manipulative for the balance scale.
The Meek Moose

Owl Things First said...

This is great...Thank you for sharing! I wanted to be your 100th follower, but 99 is pretty cool, too!
Owl Things First

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