Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I thought I would share how I organize my center board in my classroom. My centers are loosely based on Debbie Diller's work stations. I don't think my centers are always as hands-on as they should be, but my goal this year is to make them even more hands-on. My students go to 12 language arts centers and 12 math centers each week. They complete 3 language arts centers on each day (Mon.-Thurs.) and 3 math centers each day (Tues. Fri.).

Above is a picture of my pocket chart with my center signs.  I have a pocket chart with pictures of each of the 12 centers so the students know what 3 centers to go to each day. Each of the tables my students sat at was labeled with a dinosaur. I had the same dinosaur on the pocket chart. The students at that table then went to the 3 centers that were next to their dinosaur on the pocket chart.  The students spend about 20 minutes at each center.

I hope to share ideas of what I have my students do at each center in other posts.

See you soon,

Sue Lattea


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